FEBRUARY 17 – MARCH 21, 2020

Have you ever gazed at a ring, and wondered how they put all those
little pieces together to create one seamless masterpiece?

How Would You Feel If …

  • You had more confidence in your fabrication skills so that you could create more elaborate and elegant ring designs and evolve your work to the next level?
  • Your creativity was unleashed by advancing your ability to move your dream from an image in your mind to a finished masterpiece?
  • You learned the fabrication skills and design layout concepts needed to create rings with multiple dimensions, details, and unending design potential?
  • You could ‘virtually’ step inside the workshop of a celebrated master goldsmith and be lead through the process, start to finish, designing and fabricating an elaborate ring?
  • You were confident in your ability to size rings, keeping your clients coming back for more?

Well, I am here to tell you that

when you enroll in my Architecture of a Ring course, and work directly with me...

All of this is 100% possible!

Learn A Unique Ring Fabrication System With Unlimited Creative Design Potential

In Architecture Of a Ring You Will Receive...

  • ACCESS TO KENT for 6 weeks through our private class Facebook group + 5 live Zoom group calls

  • CREATE YOUR OWN WORKBOOK with downloadable detailed PDF's for each module

  • 6 MONTHS ACCESS to stream all lesson videos and live group call replays at your convenience

  • DOWNLOADABLE MATERIAL & TOOL LISTS + Kent walks you through the important tools via video

  • PRIORITY BOOKING AND PRICING, when available, to future online and in-person workshops 


Gain Immediate Access to Members Only Area, complete orientation videos and tool lists!
Guided Workshop Begins February 17, 2020

Here is what you will learn

when you work with me...

Module 1: Making a Detailed Band Ring

Learning how to make this type of band perfectly, is the foundation that will take us into the more complex ring fabrications that come in the subsequent modules

  • Learn to properly cut a ring blank to a specific size
  • Learn to form it into a perfect cylinder.
  • Learn to tightly fit different straight edged wires over the cylinder to make a detailed band ring!
  • Explore different design possibilities within that framework.
    You will now have the skills to create intricate wedding bands and more!

Module 2: Creating Single Stone Rings

You may follow along with Kent to make the same ring design, or use a different shaped stone, accents, or shank styles to make something uniquely yours!

  • Learn to advance your ring fabrication & design skills
  • Learn to form and add elements around your ring shank, meeting up to your central bezel (pre-made by you or purchased ahead).
  • Create additional elements to add dimension and interest around the focal point of your ring!
  • This module will extend over a two week period, so you can choose to do one or more rings.

Module 3: Complex Ring Design: Enter the World of Kent’s Sketchbook!

Here we explore the next level of Architectural ring design...

    • Here we will put pencil to paper as Kent takes us step by step through the planning and design stages of creating complex rings with multiple gemstones!
    • Learn a simple way to plan, visualize, and draw out more and more complex and detailed rings.
    • We will explore many additional ways to add dimension, volume, elevation and interest to your rings, including the use of hollow forms, steps, borders, shank variations and more
    • Watch as Kent shows unveils the mystery of how some of his most complex rings were created!

    Module 4: Demonstrations on Multi-Stone Complex Ring Design

    The fabrication skill level goes up another notch, as you are shown how Kent ​approaches this advanced fabrication...

    • Learn to approach a symmetrical, complex ring with multiple difficult angles and interrelated elements
    • Learn the progression of the fabrication process, using Kent’s unique style he has developed over the past 50 years!
    • Learn Kent’s process in refining multiple bezel groupings, with unusual angles and tricky filing.
    • Learn approaches to difficult soldering setups.
    • See how Kent spontaneously makes changes to his original design as he works.

    BONUS MODULE: Ring Sizing

    Once you’ve learned how to design and fabricate complex rings, we’ll learn the ins and outs of sizing a ring! Kent will share his insights into this necessary, but often dreaded job.

      • Learn how to cut out or add just the right amount of material to get the desired size.

      • Learn how to size a ring with a heat sensitive stone: Kent will size a ring up two sizes!

      • Kent will walk you through the use of the ring stretching machine.

      • Learn design considerations for your rings, making them easier to size down the road.

      You will no longer fear being asked to size a ring, and you can keep your clients happy!

      Remember, every time you hear from a client, even for a sizing, they are opening up a new avenue of communication, and another chance for you to impress them with your mad skills! They are always so grateful, and often have a renewed interest in adding more of your work to their collection!

      Meet Your Master Instructor

      Hi, I’m Kent Raible

      In my mid 20’s I sold all my possessions and went to Europe on an extended biking trip, and somehow managed to stay for almost two years. I attended a jewelry program at a German trade school, and it was there that I was introduced to different approaches than I would have seen in America. I eventually developed a unique way of building jewelry pieces, using unconventional torches and solder less joining techniques. My work is unique because I do so many things differently!


      Now I want to share what I have learned with you. I am streamlining my knowledge so that I can offer you a direct route to up-level your skills in specific areas. Your palette of skills to draw from is about to get bigger! You will be able to dive deeper into the creative manipulation of metal and create more beautifully executed and complex designs. These videos, and the work we will do together, are designed to improve your technical prowess, and enhance your creative abilities.

      What Happens When I Enroll Today?

      Once your enrollment is complete, you will receive your ‘Welcome email’ with your password and links to the ‘Architecture of a Ring’ membership site home page. There you will find a video from Kent. You will also find information to join our Private Facebook Group once class begins. This is where you will get support, interact with Kent and we will all share our work as we move through the course!


      This will be a guided workshop experience, with Master Kent Raible teaching you every step of the way.
      We will immediately provide you with a downloadable tool & material list so you can properly prepare prior to the class beginning. The entire class will be progressing through each module together. The schedule in which each module is released will be as follows:


      Module 1: February 17th 

      Module 2: February 24th
      Module 3: March 9th

      Module 4: March 16th

      BONUS Module: March 16th

      This workshop IS FOR YOU if you
      LOVE making jewelry and …

      • You are a jeweler with strong basic bench skills in place

      • You are serious about putting in the time to take your ring fabrication skills to the next level!

      • You want to learn Kent Raible style ring fabrication!

      • You have a well equipped studio (see below)

      • You are ready to create STUNNING rings!

      This is NOT FOR YOU if …

      • Are a beginning student, without basic soldering, stone setting and filing skills

      • You don’t have access to, or are not willing to purchase, all the basic hand tools needed.

      • You’re not interested in hand fabrication.

      • You don’t have the time or patience to practice these skills.

      • You aren’t willing to invest in advancing your skills.

      What It Is Like To Study With Kent Raible...

      Kent Raible is not just a modern master. Kent is not just the best granulation artist around. He is not just a fabulous goldsmith and jewelry designer. Kent is also one of the best teachers in the world. He learned at the feet of masters in Germany, as I did,  and then he developed his skills even further. Kent taught hundreds of students at the Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts. Kent knows his stuff, loves what he does and shares his passion eagerly. His methods are complete and easier than you might think. Take this opportunity! You will only regret it if you don’t.

      Alan Revere

      Artist, Creator, Founder and Former Director   |  The Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts in San Francisco, California

      Kent is a master of granulation and a wonderful instructor- He also is the best fabricator I have ever known. I teach cloisonné workshops and I have brought Kent in to work with my students. He is very approachable, attentive and thorough, I would love to have him teach in my California classroom anytime!


      Truthfully, Kent has inspired plenty of improvement in my work and helped to reignite the passion for making exceptional pieces. I am fusing rather than soldering more and more to build settings. The metalwork on my cloisonné pieces has grown dramatically and I will continue to learn from Kent whenever the opportunity arises. Studying with Kent online is an exciting prospect. I prefer my own tools and workspace, I prefer my own schedule and I prefer my own projects- Now I can have all of this and get Kent’s help too!

      Merry-Lee Rae

      Founder, Artist & Creator  |

      Being around Kent is a gift.  By any measure, he is the most gifted teacher I have ever had the pleasure of being around.  He is a combination of teacher, savant, and genius whose ability to share his incredible knowledge is amazing.  For example, in class he may demonstrate something that seems difficult or impossible and you say to yourself “I can’t do that” – but guess what – with a combination of his teaching skill and his patience, you find yourself achieving things you never thought possible.  I always feel grateful and inspired after any interaction with Kent – he is one of the greatest living goldsmiths – a true genius and a remarkable teacher. I can’t wait to be a student in his new workshop!

      John Heldridge

      Artist & Creator  |  Edmonds, Washington

      I was THRILLED to be able to get into Kent Raible’s ‘Going Tubular’ class.  I have admired his work for a long time and was eager to learn anything he was willing to teach!  I absolutely loved the format of the web-based course; access to on-line video modules along with a weekly live follow-up meeting for questions and answers. The modules were well organized, clear, easy to understand, and the step-by-step closeups of the work were very high quality. 


      Being able to talk live with Kent via the Zoom app was easy to set up on my iPad, and he was so generous with his time and knowledge when answering all of our questions.  He is genuinely interested in our progress, our challenges and our successes. 


      I was initially very intimidated in the class, but his desire and excitement to see us succeed put that to rest in the first Zoom session.  I give this class a 5 out of 5 star rating.  I am excited for the next set of students taking the class – it was fantastic for me.  I learned SO much.  You won’t find a better instructor!

      Diana Hara

      Artist & Creator  |  Tucson, Arizona

      A look at what you will need for

      this workshop...

      Once you purchase the course you will receive a detailed tools and required materials list. You will want to order your needed tools right away!

      Skill Requirements



      By enrolling in Architecture of the Ring, I acknowledge that to get the best results from this course I must have the tools available to me from the ‘Required Tool List’, and that I have a strong foundation of basic gold smithing/silver smithing skills.


      Your success is our goal.

      By signing up, you’re raising your hand to grow your skills.  If you show up and do this work with me, I know you’ll walk away with more insight, confidence and technical knowledge to create the pieces you envision.

      Architecture Of A Ring

      With Master Goldsmith &
      ​Jewelry Maker Kent Raible




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